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Onyxmelodie has started a donation pool!
548 / 10,000
:star: Make All Point Commission Payments HERE~!:star:

Donate, you know . . . if you like my art, or . . . if you just feel like being generous~

I will be using these points to support other artists . . . BY BUYING THEIR THINGS!

If I use these points for me at all, it'll probs be for a membership . . . I feel like I have to explain myself ;w;

Thank you to those who give, and to those who even had the heart to give, and couldn't. I love you all, either way!

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Journal Entry: Fri May 9, 2014, 6:18 PM

I'm back with this stuff. I need points. Or money . . . whichever anyone can afford. I wasn't going to open this so soon, but . . . gaaah, I'm not doing anything. Why the hell not? First and foremost: Feel free to make your point payments to my donation pool! Because it looks sad, just sitting there completely empty :<


Gifts are for holidays and birthdays only, kaythanxbye!

:bulletgreen: :star: Please make all point commission payments to my donation pool! Better to tell you now than forget later!
:bulletgreen: I don't normally do traditional color [I feel like it ruins the quality of my art], but if you ask for it, it can be established.
:bulletgreen: My shading and backgrounds suck, and that's a major understatement. But again: ask, and you shall receive~
:bulletgreen: I do cash commissions with the use of Paypal. My cash commission prices are negotiable.
:bulletgreen: All prices stand apart until I get the full details of your commission! DO NOT disillusion yourself by trying to calculate the price of a desired piece. I will dictate the pricing to you in detail when I get your note. Please, guys. Please stop >u<''
:bulletgreen: I take my payments after your commission is completed! If you aren't pleased, the art is either removed, or a price deduction is enforced [this go round, deduction prices may vary].
:bulletgreen: The price for digital commissions will be double the price of my traditional commissions - when I open those up for business. 
:bulletgreen: Please make all requests through notes! I need the entirety of what you're asking for and as many references as you can offer!
:bulletgreen: Naturally, if you have any additional questions [related to your unique request or otherwise], please ask away!

:rose: Always remember: Patience Is A Virtue :rose:

:bulletred:Prices For Point Commissions:bulletred:
Males are 3 points extra for being harder to draw!!!
Colored commissions: 10+
Shaded colored commissions: 15+
Highlighted: 2++

Heroine Brigade - Anthro Style by Onyxmelodie Headshots and Busts - 5 points per head~

Descended In The Winter by Onyxmelodie Phoenix Siblings by Onyxmelodie Half Bodies - 10 points per body~

Saber + Jacqueline - Draw This Again by Onyxmelodie Wonderland Crew by Onyxmelodie Full Bodies - 15 points per body~

1000+ Views by Onyxmelodie Mytho the Swanna by Onyxmelodie  Chibis - 7 points per body~

Family by Onyxmelodie  Gijinkas [Of Any Kind] - 20 points~

Nameless Still by Onyxmelodie Wolf Whistle by Onyxmelodie  Furries/Anthros [And Everything Else Non-Human] - 12-17 points per body (depending on the scale)~

#09 by Onyxmelodie #12 by Onyxmelodie  Your Character In My Style - 10 points per character~

Felicia x Faye Valentine by Onyxmelodie  Fandom Art [Including Crack Pairings, Shippings, and All Your Crazy Fandom-Based Fantasies] - 10 points (Single), 20 points (Couple)~

Beach Brawl by Onyxmelodie Trapped In Your Smoldering...Wait, What? by Onyxmelodie  Your Character x Fandom Character - 20 points~

#19 by Onyxmelodie Happy Birthday PandyChu~ by Onyxmelodie  Your Character x My Character :eyes: - 15 points~

Grief by Onyxmelodie Faux Semi-Realism - 25 points~

Custom Fandom Characters - 18 points~

Custom Adoptables - 10 points~

Revamped Chapter Cover by Onyxmelodie + Eris LaTemptress + by Onyxmelodie #16 by Onyxmelodie  Shading and Backgrounds - 5+ points each~

Prince by Onyxmelodie  <--- Sample of Traditional Color~

I'm thinking of adding wardrobe commissions to this list. I'm not really good at fashion, but I'm pretty sure if I had some incentive, it wouldn't be so hard, tee hee. I'll probably be adding other options when they come to me, so stay tuned~

:bulletblack:Prices For Literature Commissions:bulletblack:
Your choice of plot, setting and characters! Preview pictures of your choice only 10 extra points [each, if there will be multiple submissions]~
There are upfront prices on lit. commissions. No, this doesn't mean you pay before hand; it's just a preliminary set price. Naturally, additional pricing will be included at the end! Deductions apply for displeasure!

One-shots - 50 points [Upfront]
Short Stories - 100 points [Upfront]
Novels, Sequels and Prequels - 150+ [Upfront]

10 points per paragraph~
15 points per paragraph for eroticism~
I don't do fetish literature, so save yourself the trouble of asking!

:star: Ask for a sample of my writing! :star:

:bulletblue:Prices For Comic Commissions:bulletblue:
Your choice of plot, setting and characters!

One-shots, short stories and volumes also available~

Comics will be 20 points per page [10+ for eroticism]~
They will include backgrounds and the best shading I can provide, but only when I find it necessary >w>
If I like you, I might throw in a colored page for free~
There's no additional charge for requesting manhwa or manga style [I suck at manga style, by the way. Be warned >w<]

The Lovers' Exchange by Onyxmelodie Black Cat - Page 1 by Onyxmelodie Black Cat - Page 2 by Onyxmelodie  <--- Comic Samples~

:star:I reiterate: please do not request anything from me if you have no patience-especially literature and comic commissions! I try to work as fast as possible, since I don't like building anticipation, only for people to get disappointed. Quality takes time! And again, prices stand apart until I get the details of your commission! You will be informed of the total price and a deduced price (in the event you're not satisfied with the result) upfront: no surprises! Don't forget to request by note, and specify your method of payment!

:bulletyellow:Commission Form:bulletyellow:

-Commission Specification - Is it a points or cash commission? Or is it a request? Or a gift? [Requests are for friends; gifts are for birthdays and holidays]
-Is it Full Body or Half Body? [Regular busts exempt, of course]
-Is it a Chibi or Gijinka?
-Do you want it in my style? I can do a mimicry of your style, or you can give me creative freedom~ No, I will not alter your character's design in any way; just sexify the preexisting details~ [Requests and Gifts will automatically be drawn in my style, so no need to specify in that event]
-Is there a background? I'm REALLY bad with backgrounds, so if you're asking for one, please be specific about what you want in it!
-Is there shading and/or coloring? Self explanatory~ Is it plain black and white shading, flat colors, or the works? Or none of the above; that's an option, too!
-Would you like it faux realism style, or just regular anime? Yes, there is a difference~ If you can't tell by the samples of my work, then you need not include this option. By default, it'll be anime style~
-REFERENCES, REFERENCES, REFERENCES!!! If you're giving me references of characters from fandoms, please specify that, too.
-Any additional notes or questions you want to add~

For comic and literature commissions, all I need is the style [one shot/short story/novel; manga/manhwa], the plot, the characters and setting.
I'll need character bios for the literature, and both bios and visuals for comics.

Please don't note me without the use of this form! Filling this out will save us both lots of trouble~

:star: Open Slots :star:

1. watatsu Full Body Request [Cathal] - Completed :love:
2. watatsu Half Body Cash Commission [Sai and Anna, My Style] - Completed, Paid :love:
3. LunaLunestia Full Body Custom Adoptable Point Commission [Gothic Angel, My Style] - Completed, Paid :love:
4. AdoptableItems Open Request [Fang] - Completed :love:
5. PiwyLullaby Half Body OC x Fandom Point Commission [Piwy and Sebastian] - Completed, Paid :love:
6. PiwyLullaby Half Body Point Commission [Praew and Drawing] - Completed, Paid :love:
7. PiwyLullaby Half Body Mine and Yours Point Commission [Piwy and Jeremiah, My Style] - Completed, Paid :love:
8. sakura4568 Birthday Gift [Rayah and Azarei] - Completed :love:
9. PiwyLullaby Half Body OC x OC Point Commission [Piany and Vaio] - Completed, Paid :love:
10. PiwyLullaby Half Body OC x Fandom Point Commission [Piwy and Byakuya] - Completed, Paid :love:

11. PiwyLullaby Half Body OC x Fandom Point Commission [Piwy and Sangetsu] - Completed, Paid :love:
12. XxAngelicXDemonxX Art Trade [Sea Creature Theme]
13.  RoseandherThorns Adoptable Digital Extra [Mononoke] - Completed :love:
14. JuliaMousie Birthday Present
15. Yuriihime Half Body OC Point Commission [Amber Ann x Fia, My Style]

I know that was a long ass journal! Thank you for sticking around this long, and I look forward to serving you :salute:

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak

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Saber Blacke
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I'm an artist and a writer who can't make up her mind on which she should major in! I no longer have the three other accounts I previously mentioned, so...sorry for that confusion! All the same, I shall post the products of my improvement here. You'll still go blind, I promise ._.

---[]--- Put this
---[]--- on your
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[][][][] if you're
---[]--- not embarrassed
---[]--- to tell
---[]--- others that
---[]--- you're a
---[]--- Christian

I don't use my OCs . . . And I kind of want to start fresh . . . I'm scared of how I'll feel about it later, but I'm desperate- DESPERATE- for points. So . . . should I sell my OCs? 

4 deviants said Nothing feels better than starting over~
2 deviants said No comment. Good luck~
1 deviant said Yes. Points over everything!
No deviants said You're not getting points, no matter what you do.



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